I agree with the G. Loomis mantra “weight is a deterrent to performance” and want the lightest, strongest, components I can get. According to their website: The wait is over. Another revolutionary breakthrough from North Fork Composites and EDGE Rods. This time – OAR technology. Extending the day and […]

Trying out the lightest oars out there!

Lacey just arrived from the USA with another of our “International Travel” cataraft packages. After a shakedown cruise on the lower Jatanyacu at reasonably high water, we headed to the Rio Hollin with Timothy Dent of River People Ecuador for an overnight trip on this classic. It was fantastic! See […]

Rio Hollin!

Think you can’t travel internationally with your cataraft? Maybe you THINK you can’t but with one of our “International Travel” packages you CAN. I brought this one down to Ecuador three weeks ago and Lacey Anderson will be bringing another one this week on the plane from LAX. You can […]

International Travel with a Cataraft? You Bet!

Always wanted to travel to exotic places like Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, and other boating locations around the globe with your own boat? Well, now you can. Go Light Outdoors has put together an “International Travel” cataraft package in both standard and deluxe versions that allow you to take a […]

New “International Travel” cataraft package.

The water on the Piatua was quite high today. Most of the kayakers decided not to run and I put in at the lower put-in. It turned out to be a very fun, nearly continuous, Class III+/IV run with one solid Class IV+. And the shuttle out even after being […]

Awesome Day on the Rio Piatua

Joined up with a group of German kayakers the other day for a run on the Upper Misahualli river in Ecuador. So beautiful and great fun. The upper Mis is a creeky style run with nearly continuous action. Most of the rapids on the run are tight class III requiring […]

Super Fun Creeking

Well, I finally made it. Ecuador! Whitewater Boating! I am happily staying at Hostel Zumag Sisa in Tena for the time being.  A nice family run place that is definitely affordable. Tena is a great little city with most everything and outdoor activities abound. But I’m here for the whitewater. […]

Greetings from Ecuador!

Just wrapped up a new cataraft, oar blades, and seat for an upcoming trip to Ecuador. Small enough package for the airlines and under 50 pounds to boot (44 actually) so have room for more river stuff. Next up is my custom Whitewater Machine Works day frame at about 35 […]

Traveling Light

Sign up between Earth Day and June 1 and receive special pricing at $2500/Person All inclusive from Tucson including donation to NJP August 20-28, 2016: 105 miles – Commercial/Educational Expedition (9 days) Experience the beauty and serenity of the Rio Aros and Yaqui. The section we will be running is […]

Special Pricing on the NJP Trip This Summer

We are pleased to be a representative for Jack’s Plastic Welding out of Aztec, New Mexico. Their boats are lightweight and tough with welded seams and are made in the USA. Their drybags are used by many of the commercial outfitters around the west and their legendary Paco Pads are […]

Now Offering Jack’s Plastic Welding Products

A River Conservation Trip in Peru! ONE TIME DEAL – LOW SPECIAL PRICE OFFER! This will be a true cultural experience; best if you are fluent in Spanish and love traveling in Peru. The trip was organized for the Peruvian NGO Conservamos por Naturaleza and the Peruvian Rio Marañón conservation […]

FLOAT TRIP TO THE NORTHERN JAGUAR RESERVE August 20-28, 2016 We invite you to travel to the 55,000-acre Northern Jaguar Reserve and be among the handful of visitors to experience this dramatic and truly breathtaking landscape firsthand. That there is still a breeding jaguar population so close to the U.S.-Mexico […]

Visit the Northern Jaguar Reserve by River

Go Light Outdoors is pleased to announce the publication of a new guidebook based on our years of exploration and fun in northern Mexico. Hopefully this will be the first in a series of guidebooks as we explore new areas in the future. The e-book, in full color, is available […]

New Guidebook Now Available

Well, finally got use my new Watershed Dry Duffle on a multi-day trip and I LOVE it. The Yukon model is just the right size for me. There was plenty of room for everything I needed to take on our 8-day trip down the Rio Mulatos/Aros/Yaqui in northern Mexico. The […]

Love my Watershed Dry Duffle

This summer Lacey is volunteering for Paddling With Purpose and the Peruvian NGO Conservamos por Naturaleza (we conserve nature) in an effort to prevent the Upper Amazon from being dammed. Please support this effort through donations on this site.  Funds raised will directly go towards the expedition and campaign costs […]

Conserve the Amazon

Now is the time to order Cataract Oars by Advanced Composites! We offer great pricing and we can have them shipped directly to you; ORDER NOW SGG – Designed to flex like wood and rebound like carbon, the SGG transfers muscle power into stroke power, providing the most definitive oar […]

Great Pricing on Cataract Oars and Blades

Lacey on the Selway
No, you don’t have to go on a diet, just downsize your raft or cataraft and frame! We own four 12.5 and 13 foot catarafts and here are the weights on the sets of tubes: 30, 38, 43, and 45 pounds for each set. These are all SOTAR catarafts and […]

New Year’s Resolution? – Lose Weight!

If you answered yes, to the question above, contact us for a great price on a new JPW raft, cataraft, inflatable kayak or iSUP. We can probably save you some bucks and it will ship directly to you! Don’t forget about frames and oars. We can set you up with […]

Need a new boat next year?

Rio Tutuaca
We just got back from leading a group down the Rio Tutuaca/Aros/Yaqui in the states of Chihuahua and Sonora, Mexico. This area is spectacularly beautiful and comes alive (green!) with the summer monsoon rains. The trip was at medium to high water. The high water passed quickly but did reach […]

Viva Mexico!