Go Light Outdoors is pleased to announce the publication of a new guidebook based on our years of exploration and fun in northern Mexico. Hopefully this will be the first in a series of guidebooks as we explore new areas in the future. The e-book, in full color, is available […]

New Guidebook Now Available

Order Online from NRS or purchase directly form your local boating and outdoor recreation retailer. Twelve retail stores including NRS now carry the book. NRS has made it very easy to order through their online catalog. For those of you waiting to order from Lacey directly – She will be […]

Where to Buy THE BOOK

Sales of “Camp Cooking WITHOUT Coolers II” have been going great. Twelve retail stores including NRS now carry to book and internet sales via the website are going strong. Thanks to everyone in the boating community for being so supportive. Unfortunately for those of you thinking you will order a […]

Order Now!

The river community is very supportive; cookbook sales are going strong. As we travel I occasionally stop in whitewater stores to see if they would be interested in carrying the book. I usually receive a positive response. Every store I’ve stopped at now carries copies – the most recently added […]

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