Sign up between Earth Day and June 1 and receive special pricing at $2500/Person All inclusive from Tucson including donation to NJP August 20-28, 2016: 105 miles – Commercial/Educational Expedition (9 days) Experience the beauty and serenity of the Rio Aros and Yaqui. The section we will be running is […]

Special Pricing on the NJP Trip This Summer

When: April 27, 2013 starting around 5:30 p.m. Where: The River Store at 1032 Lotus Road in Coloma, California          RIOS Guatemala – The Preservation of Wild Rivers An expedition to film and bring attention to endangered rivers becomes a national crisis when angry Mayan villagers kidnap […]

Another RIOS Guatemala Film Screening

Hello Good Friends, We seek your help for a very important and worthy cause: saving the life of a fellow boater. Your help is requested and your generosity sought. Please read the post below and share it with all your club members and friends. ~ Thank you. Cheryl Sanders, Sales […]

Open Letter to all River People

Yep, that’s me on the cover of the RiverMaps Guide to the Cherry Creek/Upper and Main Tuolumne River. Duwain Whitis apparently shot a bunch of photos in 2009 and selected this one for the cover.   I heard from a friend of mine that I might be on the cover. […]

I Made the Cover!

Order Online from NRS or purchase directly form your local boating and outdoor recreation retailer. Twelve retail stores including NRS now carry the book. NRS has made it very easy to order through their online catalog. For those of you waiting to order from Lacey directly – She will be […]

Where to Buy THE BOOK

The river community is very supportive; cookbook sales are going strong. As we travel I occasionally stop in whitewater stores to see if they would be interested in carrying the book. I usually receive a positive response. Every store I’ve stopped at now carries copies – the most recently added […]

Number 10