Our Boats

“I can’t believe how light your boats are”
“Where can I get a lightweight frame like that?”
“That gear bag is awesome”
 “I’ve never seen anyone rig a boat that quickly”

As you can see from the pictures above, we run what are known as catarafts. Why catarafts? We feel that they offer the optimal combination of light weight, handling, carrying capacity, and stability for running everything from Class I to Class V whitewater. In short, they work for us and our boating philosophy. Compared to comparably sized rafts, they are more maneuverable, have a slightly lower weight capacity, and are just plain fun to “drive”. With light loads or empty, they are a blast to “surf”. We run our cats without floors making them lighter and easier to surf, this also allows us to easily “flintstone” over shallow areas and straddle rocks when needed.

The boats we use were selected for their size and weight. Our current boats were custom made by SOTAR in Oregon and Jack’s Plastic Welding in New Mexico. Our “large” boats weigh in at less than 50 pounds while our lightest little boat is around 30 pounds (complete set of tubes).  We are an authorized representative for Jack’s Plastic Welding and can get you the JPW boat (or SUP, drybags, and Paco Pads) you want at the best deal around.  If you wish to purchase a set of cat tubes, a raft, inflatable kayak, SUP, or other JPW equipment, contact Neil, the resident gearhead.

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