Our Gear

Grand Canyon

Fully rigged for a 16-day trip down the Grand Canyon on small cataraft

Our philosophy at Go Light Outdoors is that all gear should be appropriate for its intended use. We carry only what is needed to be comfortable and safe on our trips, an adequate “kitchen” to prepare the meals that will be served, and meals with appropriate portions and nutritional content. In addition, we feel that all of our personal gear, river equipment, and food should be easily carried on our individual boats and be readily accessible. We will not spend hours rigging the boat in the morning and de-rigging at camp.

The key to going light on boating, hiking, or other expeditions isn’t necessarily having the lightest components (although that helps!). Of greater importance is taking only the minimum that you will need. Extra, unused gear just adds weight. Of course, “what you need” depends on your level of comfort desired, and weather at the time of the trip. Winter expeditions necessarily need more clothing and equipment. Some people need chairs, tents, and thick sleeping pads on all their trips. Others “need” gourmet food or menus heavy on meat, which requires refrigeration (coolers!)

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