Frames & Oars

Our Frames

Working with Whitewater Machine Works, we have developed some innovative new cataraft frames. These frames are really light weight, but are fully featured with fully adjustable seat bar, scout rails, adjustable oar towers, and full breakdown into small package for shipping with stainless steel pins. Since they are full breakdown, they can be shipped much easier and cheaper than a welded frame. Weight on the day frame is around 30 pounds. Another advantage is that the frame length can be easily customized (added length makes for a nice cargo frame) or with an extra yoke and extensions cross bars to suspend our cat-everything bags, boxes, or other gear.

Two Frames – One assembled and One broken down for travel

Here is a picture of one of our day frames packed for travel. This one just returned from Mexico where Lacey was running the waterfalls of the Rio Lacanja and the big-volume water of the Rio Usumacinta. This frame (with extra yoke and extensions) has also been flown as baggage to Peru for a month long expedition!

Ready for Travel

We also build our own frames out of thin-wall steel tubing and can build a custom frame for you! Our steel frames are about as minimal as you can get. Very simple day frames that when paired with our “cat everything” bags will easily allow for multi-day expeditions if you Go Light. Although made of steel, they are still lighter than most other frames out there and have proven to be quite functional and durable. The “tunnel” design allows for high clearance under all of the bars and seat, even with our small diameter tubes. This allows you to straddle rocks that would stick some other boats/frames.

Our Standard Cataraft Frame with Optional Powdercoat Finish

Flip-Over Oar Tower

Flip-Over Oar Tower

Our deluxe frame design is even better! It retains the simplicity and light weight of our standard frames, adjustable seat, and high clearance “tunnel” design plus scouting rails and fully adjustable, removable, and flip-over oar towers for ease in stacking boats. It even can be made with a flip seat so you can use a drop bag.

Double-Rail Deluxe Cataraft Frame with Flip-Over Oar Towers


We run both standard Carlisle oars with aluminum shafts and Cataract oars. For any length under 8 feet, the weight savings going to a Cataract or Sawyer oar just isn’t worth the added expense in our opinion. Our longer oars are all Cataract oars. Sawyer oars are also great products!

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