Love my Watershed Dry Duffle


Well, finally got use my new Watershed Dry Duffle on a multi-day trip and I LOVE it. The Yukon model is just the right size for me. There was plenty of room for everything I needed to take on our 8-day trip down the Rio Mulatos/Aros/Yaqui in northern Mexico. The tent did go in another bag, but it could easily have fit in mine. The duffle style is so much handier than the “fill from the top” bags I’m used to. Everything is visible and accessible through the wide opening. The ZipDry seal was easy to open, easy to close, and still extremely secure and more importantly, water tight. The bag material is stiffer than some, but seems much more puncture resistant than my other bags. It certainly wasn’t fazed by all the thorny bushes and cactus we encounter on our Mexico trips. Not a scratch! In addition, it was easy to lash onto the cataraft having multiple lash points, or I could just stow it in the “cat everything” bag. Worried that it would be hard to carry on a portage without backpack style straps? Well, a couple of cam straps rigged through the buckles and it was a snap to carry. All in all, I’m very impressed with the Yukon and it will be going on more trips for sure.

I also received one of Watershed’s large Tramp mesh duffles to haul my rafting gear around. The quality is unsurpassed, I don’t think I will need a replacement for many years! Super good stuff from Watershed!

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