Visit the Northern Jaguar Reserve by River 2

Scenery on the Rio Aros

Scenery on the Rio Aros

August 20-28, 2016

We invite you to travel to the 55,000-acre Northern Jaguar Reserve and be among the handful of visitors to experience this dramatic and truly breathtaking landscape firsthand. That there is still a breeding jaguar population so close to the U.S.-Mexico border is testament to the isolated and rugged nature of this terrain.

On this one-of-a-kind trip, you will experience the beauty and serenity of the Northern Jaguar Reserve by floating 105 miles along the Río Aros and Río Yaqui. A favorite destination for the adventurous, these rivers attract a wide range of species to their waters. Nearly every visitor leaves with a redefined understanding of wilderness and a reawakened passion for the wild.
The Río Yaqui is the largest watershed in northwest Mexico, and the Río Aros drains almost the entire northern Sierra Madre including areas far into Chihuahua. During the summer monsoon season, these rivers turn into powerful brown torrents carrying sediment, tree trunks, and the occasional rafter toward the sea. While river trips in the western U.S. can be crowded and require permits, it is possible to float the Río Aros and Río Yaqui and not encounter a single person.

The Northern Jaguar Project provides transportation from Tucson and all meals. We ask for a $3,500 donation to cover trip expenses and toward the guardianship of the reserve. We require a minimum of six participants in order to run this trip. If you have any questions or to reserve your place, please contact NJP Coordinator Turtle Southern at

More information on this and other trips this summer is also available on our Trips page.

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      This was a trip we organized for NJP in 2016. I would love to do it again, but that is entirely up to them. I think they will be offering it in the future though and we will likely be involved if they do. I recommend you contact the Northern Jaguar Project directly and ask them when they will be offering the next river trip to visit the preserve. The more interest they receive, the more likely it is to happen!

      Thanks for your interest!