New Frames For Sale!

Two Frames – One assembled and One break-down for travel

New cataraft frames are now on the market. Features include light weight, with fully adjustable seat bar, scout rails, adjustable oar towers, and full breakdown into small package for shipping with stainless steel pins. Since they are full breakdown, they can be ship much easier and cheaper than a welded frame. Weight on the day frame is around 27 pounds. Another advantage is that the frame length can be easily customized (added length makes for a nice cargo frame) with additional cross bars to suspend our cat-everything bags, boxes, or other gear. Remember, No Coolers. Cost for a small day frame (approximately 5 feet by 4 feet) is $900 plus $200 for the anodized finish. Add length for $25 per foot and additional cross bars for $35 (seat bar for $85). Options include “hoop” towers (add $75) and a “big boy” version with yoke for the seat mount and the hoop towers included for $1100 plus anodizing. Need to build at least three at a time (can be different sizes) to get these prices so will work to get an order together if there is interest. Get yours today!

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