I Love Kokatat


Yes, that’s me in the photo sporting my 12-year old Kokatat front-entry Gore-tex drysuit. I LOVE this suit and the company that makes it. You should too! About 5 years ago, I had the neck and wrist gaskets replaced along with the booties swapped out for Gore-tex socks. All done at Kokatat and they even pressure tested for about what it would have cost me to have the work done locally. Perfect! And the suit was back to good as new. This year, the wrist gaskets needed replacing so I again sent it back to Kokatat for repair. They just called me and said it had some delamination of the Gore-tex membrane from the material. Bummer…. Not really, because they said it was a warranty issue and they would replace my suit for FREE. What color would I like? How’s that for customer service and standing behind your product!

Oh yeah, made with pride here in the good old US of A. I think I’d like it in blue/gray please!

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