SUP on the NF American 4

SUP on the NFA

Lacey SUP

What a beautiful day to paddle the NF American near Colfax, CA. Sunny weather, good flows, and seven fun catarafters and one kayakista. The upper gage read 2.2 feet which is a nice lower flow for rafts making for an easy Class IV experience.

Everyone had great runs through Slaughter’s Sluice and on down and over Chamberlain Falls. There was enough water this week so that no one got stuck like last time! I ran Bogus Thunder first to hopefully get some pics and video of the group. Our kayaker didn’t fare so well, but rolled up successfully at the bottom. Some of the cats had to work harder than others to make the left slot. Kudos to Bob for making it look SO easy….

The slide is still happening on the left in the middle of Staircase. So far nothing in the rapid has changed. This could really change if some of the big loose chunks up the hill break loose and end up in the river.

Lots of fun surfing in the lower end, including those Stand Up Paddlers. SUP!

Lacey in Surf Alley

Lacey in Surf Alley

Nathan at the Ender Spot

Nathan SUP's the Ender Spot

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    Thanks Brian, wish we could join you down there at River Valley. Love the NZ rivers and they are strong for cat boats!

  • Administrator

    Hi Mac,

    Never said we were the first to run the Rio Aros/Yaqui! Just the first “commercial” descent. We did it in 2010 before guiding on the river in 2011. Our friend Rocky did it many years ago by kayak and was probably the first to run it. I have seen the biological inventory and have a copy of it already, very cool. As I understand it, your trip covered just the Aros and Yaqui portion, not the Mulatos. Please enlighten me with more information if that is not true. Always interested in the history of river running on these rivers.


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