Trip Reports

We have all sorts of fun while on the road, most of it associated with whitewater rafting in our catarafts. We try to write up a trip report for exciting and memorable trips. Here are a few of our recent trips.

Rio Hollin Overnight– Archidona, Ecuador
Rio Quijos– Baeza, Ecuador
Middle Rio Jondachi– Tena, Ecuador
Rio Oyacachi– El Chaco, Ecuador
Rio Misahualli (El Reten Section)– Tena, Ecuador
Rio Jatanyacu – Tena, Ecuador
Rio Tutuaca/Aros/Yaqui – Chihuahua Mexico
Rio Maranon – Peru
Rio Bavispe – Sonora Mexico
Rio Tlapaneco/Mezcala – Mexico First Descent
Rio Xochiotlahuaca  – Mexico First Descent
Illinois River – Southern Oregon
Rio Tehuantepec – Oaxaca, Mexico
Rio Mulatos/Aros/Yaqui – Sonora, Mexico 2011
Gates of Lodore – Green River, Utah
Lower Owyhee River – SE Oregon
Salmon River – California
NF Smith River – California
The Box – Upper Sacramento
Rio Mulatos/Aros/Yaqui – Sonora, Mexico 2010
Middle Fork Salmon – Idaho (8 days)
Selway River – Idaho (5 days)
Lower McCloud River – California (2 days)
Pit River – California (1 day)
Colorado and Idaho (6 weeks)

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