Sneak Preview of our new cataraft design!

Sotar took my drawing and made a special pattern for the Go Light Outdoors “Rockette.” They even got this set of completely custom tubes made earlier than expected! The tubes are my latest design, a modification of our mini-Legend with more kick and rocker. At 12′ 6″ they are a great size for many rivers and even some creeks. They are similar to the 13-foot AIRE Wave Destroyer, but with more rocker for a shorter waterline and increased maneuverability. The high kick helps to offset the loss of volume in the ends for steep drops. These should be a kick to run and I can’t wait to get them on the water. Best of all, they are light weight!

The Latest Go Light Cataraft Design

As always, our custom tubes are loaded with custom features making them lighter and more functional (at least for us) than the standard tubes out there. At around 45 pounds for the set, they are totally in step with the Go Light philosphy. When paired with our lightweight aluminum frames, I still will be able to carry it out solo from rivers like the Tuolumne. Awesome!

If you are looking for a new set of cataraft tubes, raft, or inflatable kayak, we offer the BEST prices on Sotar boats, including custom work like this. Now that we have the pattern, you can order you up a set of these tubes in any color they offer (even multiple colors) by contacting Neil here at Go Light Outdoors. Ahhh, the beauty of Sotar. Custom, Light, Tough. Absolutely the best!

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