We’re Off!

But we’re going traveling anyway! Yes, our summer journey has begun. This is the beginning of a 3 month (maybe longer) odyssey around the western US and into northern Mexico chasing the wild whitewater on some of our favorite rivers and hopefully some new ones. Are we crazy to be doing this, taking a hiatus from our jobs, with no steady source of income to go spend money traveling? Not nearly as crazy as working for the next few years to try and accumulate enough money to do this – only to find that we’re unable to do it because of age or health or… You get the picture, this is what we want to do and now is the time to do it! Follow along on our adventure! We hope to post regularly so people know where we are at, where we’re headed, and what we’re doing so that they can join in the fun along the way.

Neil (aka “Gearhead”)

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