Upper Rio Aros

Lower Sirupa/Upper Aros

September 10-15, 2017; 50 river miles plus a horseback trip – Cost-Shared Expedition

Experience the beauty and big water of the Rio Sirupa and upper Rio Aros. The Sirupa is one of the headwater streams in the Yaqui drainage north of the famous Copper Canyon region in Chihuahua, Mexico. Neil and Lacey ran the upper Sirupa from Puente Verde outside of Matachic to the hot springs at Huapoca in 2013. The lower Sirupa below Huapoca is an intense Class V+ expedition with several likely portages for rafts. On this trip we will bypass the Class V+ section and run only the last ten miles or so of the Rio Sirupa (Class II-III), passing the Rio Tutuaca and continuing down the Rio Aros, taking out at Natora. This section of the Aros flows through a beautiful canyon and is primarily Class II and III, but depending on water levels could prove to be more difficult (Class IV). Although Neil and Lacey have boated the majority of this section at high water, this will likely be an exploratory low water trip with inflatable kayaks and pack rafts. We will be trying to hire locals to use their pack horses to return from Natora to El Refugio or El Cable. Be prepared to hike with your dry bag while the horses carry the boats!

Trip Highlights:

  • Experience a river that few have ever seen – this section of the Rios Sirupa and Aros has only seen a few visitors crazy enough to raft the river.
  • Amazing Scenery – see for yourself the incredibly beautiful canyons carved by the Rios Sirupa and Aros.
  • Experience the local culture – The friendly people of El Refugio will likely visit our camp and want photos of themselves on the boats!
  • Horse Shuttle – We hope to hire local cowboys in El Cable or El Refugio to shuttle the gear back from Natora using their horses.

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