December, 2017 through January, 2018 – Escorted – Price depends on services provided

Join us on an escorted self-support trip to Ecuador this winter. You make all the flight arrangements and get your boating equipment down to Tena or Baeza and we’ll help with the rest. The rivers will be mostly day trips with a return to town every night, so food is on you, but you can eat well on less than $10/day. For a small fee, we will arrange your lodging in a comfortable hostel, plan and lead river trips including the transport, and facilitate transport between boating areas as required. This trip is open to everyone that can get their equipment to Ecuador whether you run a raft (will be difficult), cataraft (relatively easy with our package), kayak (not too difficult), inflatable kayak (relatively easy), SUP or PackRaft (super easy). Not sure that you can travel with your equipment? Purchase one of our “International Travel” cataraft packages. These are the same boats we took down to Ecuador in 2016 and they work great. In fact, there is one package down there just waiting for our return! It may be available as a rental in 2017.

Ecuador is one of the best boating destinations overseas. This South American country is relatively easy to get to with a variety of airlines providing service into Quito and Guayaquil. Lodging and food is very affordable. Transport is easy with 4-door trucks serving as taxis. Money is a no-brainer, everything is in U.S. Dollars! And the rivers? Fantastic! Everything from placid jungle floats to Class V+ kayak-only runs. For us rafters, there is a wide variety of runs in several parts of the country ranging from big-water Class III to creeky Class IV+.

Weather and water permitting, here are some of the rivers we may be able to run. The descriptions are my impressions from running them in 2016, often at different water levels.

  • Rio Hollin – technical Class III increasing to big-water Class III+/IV overnight
  • Rio Jondachi (lower) – technical Class III+ into the larger volume Hollin
  • Rio Jondachi (middle) – tight, technical Class IV/IV+ with some nice drops
  • Rio Jatanyacu – open big-water Class III/III+, a bit more technical at low water
  • Rio Misahualli (Cotundo) – tight, technical Class IV+ creeking
  • Rio Misahualli (El Reten) – tight, technical Class IV creeking
  • Rio Misahualli (middle) – open Class II small river
  • Rio Anzu (Coatayacu) – tight Class IV to begin, tapers to more open Class III+
  • Rio Anzu (lower) – wide open Class III tapers to Class II
  • Rio Piatua – tight, technical Class IV at lower water, full-on Class IV+ at higher water
  • Rio Oyacachi – tight, rocky Class IV+ creeking at low water
  • Rio Quijos – the upper sections are more creek like; the lower sections are more open and bigger water. Mostly Class IV unless low water, then III+

I’m hoping to explore some different rivers around the country as well.

  • Aguarico Valley
    • Rio Chingual
    • Rio Aguarico
    • Rio Due
  • Santo Domingo
    • Rio Toachi
    • Rio Blanco
    • Rio Malaute
  • Pastaza Valley
    • Upper and lower Pastaza
  • Macas Area
    • Rio Upano (multi-day)
    • Rio Yukipa
    • Rio Seipa

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