Special Pricing on the NJP Trip This Summer

Sign up between Earth Day and June 1 and receive special pricing at $2500/Person All inclusive from Tucson including donation to NJP

August 20-28, 2016: 105 miles – Commercial/Educational Expedition (9 days)

Experience the beauty and serenity of the Rio Aros and Yaqui. The section we will be running is from Natora below the junction of the Rio Mulatos to Rancho El Rio near Sahuaripa. This section borders the Northern Jaguar Reserve for 28 miles. Join us to learn about the ecology of the region, the large cats that are found on the reserve, and how the Northern Jaguar Project is preserving habitat for these magnificent creatures. This will be a full-on commercial type trip for donors to the Northern Jaguar Project. Everything except your personal gear (camping gear, clothing and toiletries) will be provided.

Check out our Trips page for more information or contact Turtle at NJP

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