Southern Oregon Creeking

We hooked up with Will Volpert of Indigo Creek Outfitters and his brothers for a couple of “creek” runs north of Ashland, Oregon. You definitely have to go light for running creeks like these!

Upper Applegate

The upper Applegate is the run above the reservoir while the lower Applegate is below the dam. The take-out is at the first bridge after heading upstream from the reservoir. Put-in for our run was at the first bridge upstream (about 3 miles). Just above this bridge is a somewhat nasty rapid that is quite narrow and funnels into an undercat wall. A portage for a raft or cat. I understand you can run further upstream though. The flow was about 8-900 cfs, making for a nice, nearly continuous Class III run with some tight, rocky rapids. Very fun. Will took some cool video.

Carberry Creek

Carberry Creek is another tributary of Applegate Reservoir just 5 minutes or so away from the take out for the upper Applegate. How convenient. This was an even smaller creek, probably around 400 cfs with a bit more gradient and some short, steep drops that were very tight. Will had rowed this section before, but this would be the first known cataraft descent. Enjoy the video, again provided by Will Volpert of Indigo Creek Outfitters.

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