We’re now heading for the Owyhee River in southeast Oregon. Looking to run the lower canyon, but would be interested in the middle canyon (Three Forks to Rome) if we can get some more boaters. Launch around June 9 for a 4-5 day trip. Contact us if you think you can join us!

After that we will probably head towards Boise and boat some of the Payette runs from maybe June 13/14 to June 18 or so before heading into Utah for a scheduled trip on the Green River (Lodore) through Dinosaur National Monument. We will head for Colorado after that with plans for the Poudre and Arkansas and ??? We will be  in Colorado by July 1st and probably spend a couple of weeks boating before heading for another planned trip in Grand Canyon. This would be a great time to catch up with us for some great boating!

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