New Rockette Design is Awesome

Green Wall on the Illinois – Photo by Will Volpert (Indigo Creek Photography)

Finally got to get the new custom Sotar “Rockette” cataraft on the water. What a shakedown cruise, the Class IV-V Illinois River in southern Oregon. Green Wall (Class V) is definitely a good test of both the boat and the rower’s ability. Overall, the boat is fantastic and does everything it was designed to do. It tracks well, turns easily, punches through holes without stopping, surfs great, and handles Class V water well. In a word – AWESOME!

That’s Lacey coming through behind me in our custom “Mini-Legend” which is also a great boat.

If you or anyone you know are looking for this style of cataraft, Go Light Outdoors has this custom pattern and can order your new set of tubes in a variety of colors. We can also order a mini-Legend, standard catarafts, rafts, and inflatable kayaks at the best prices around.  Contact us today to order your new tubes!


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