Mexican Adventures

Just a sampling of the awesome scenery in Mexican river canyons. This is from the upper Rio Bavispe, where Lacey and I just completed what may be the first cataraft descent. Certainly it is one of the few times this section of river has been boated. With low water there were two mandatory portages and one area where we lined the boats over a drop/slot too narrow to run. Several other places required lifting a tube over rocks where the slots were too narrow, even for our small catarafts.

After the Bavispe it was off to the Rio Aros, a run we have done twice before. No portages here and the water really came up during the trip. We started on probably 70 cms (2500 cfs) and ended at over 300 cms (10000+ cfs). The highest we have seen in this stretch!

Stay tuned for more news of our adventures as they happen and we have internet access!

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