Cache La Poudre - 5.2 feet

Cache La Poudre - Upper Mishewaka - Photo by Dave Dennis

Many women have told me they admire my ability to run high water, class IV -V rapids (this is Lacey writing, not Neil). If they only knew how nervous I was beforehand – they might not make those comments. Often, I have butterflies in my stomach. Anytime I am on high water or I run a new class IV or higher rapid, my heart races and I break out in a sweat. This high water year has been a challenge!

Dave and Joie

One way I have resolved the nerves issue is to surround myself with good boaters. This last week they shut down the Poudre River to commercial outfitters because of one death and several injuries. You can bet I was nervous about getting out on the class IV runs. I resolved this issue by surrounding myself with local Poudre river boaters and had the luck of meeting up with Dave Dennis and his wife Joie. Dave is the President of the Larimer County Dive Rescue Team. In other words, when there is trouble on the water Dave is the one contacted.

So…one of the tricks I use to overcome nerves is to surround myself with local experts and other experienced boaters. Thanks Fort Collins Colorado boaters for hanging out, showing us the ropes, and making sure we had safety support.

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