Cat’n on the NF American

Lacey running Bogus Thunder on the NF American

Lacey in Bogus Thunder

Another great day on the NF American, near Colfax, California for a great bunch of catarafters and rafters. The flow was an ideal level at 2.5 on the sight gage (maybe 1700 cfs down at the dam). I had lots of fun surfing in the first rapid (Slaughter’s Sluice), so many nice ledges to play on.

I hopped out at Chamberlain Falls to take some video and the second raft through found out why you have to punch through the reversal at the base of the falls (left side) or get sucked back up! Everyone else made it fine, even with the raft obstruction.

At Bogus Thunder, I ran through first to get some pictures. The “normal” left run was a piece of cake at this flow, although the right side was open to. You could even go far right, although I wouldn’t recommend it!

Running Far Right at Bogus Thunder

Raft in the far right chute

Did I say piece of cake on the left side? Hmmm

Dave in Bogus Thunder

Left side of Bogus Thunder

Paddle Raft in Bogus Thunder

Paddle Raft in Bogus Thunder

Yea! Ken, you made it through upright and in the boat this time!

A R-2 raft piloted by some local guides came through behind us and showed exactly how to run the right chute.

Soule brothers in Bogus Thunder

Perfect R-2 Rafting

Why are there no photos of catarafts in Bogus? Because all of the cats made it through so easily that there was no dramatic footage. But OK, here’s another shot for all the cat lovers.

Cataraft in Bogus Thunder

Terry on his Cataraft in Bogus Thunder

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