Great Pricing on Cataract Oars and Blades

Now is the time to order Cataract Oars by Advanced Composites!

We offer great pricing and we can have them shipped directly to you; ORDER NOW SGG_Chart_750x145

SGG – Designed to flex like wood and rebound like carbon, the SGG transfers muscle power into stroke power, providing the most definitive oar responsiveness available. It’s little wonder then that this oar is the most popular. Retail $128.95 to $154.95

SGX – The super-long, extra-stiff SGX is the most ideal whitewater oar for those tougher conditions. With a shaft that’s 33% stiffer than our SGG model, the SGX is designed to perform best in larger, heavier boats and to aid in navigating hazardous obstacles. Retail $164.50 to $179.95

X-Wound – The X-Wound oar shaft is very durable and 1/2 lb lighter than the SGG shaft. It has an all carbon layer on the outside and therefore it is only available in black. It has the same flex as the SGG shaft and is the ultimate upgrade for those looking to reduce fatigue on those long stretches of river. Retail $179.95 to $209.95

We can also get you the Mini-Magnum shafts, Navigator Guide Paddle and other accessories at great prices.

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