Bocci Boats and Surfing on the SFA

Another glorious, sunny, February Day on the SF American River. Meeting everyone at the take-out, we ended up with three catarafts, 4 kayaks, and two inflatable kayaks headed for the put-in at Chili Bar. Once there we just slid the cats down the hill. Lacey sent hers first, ending up sideways against a huge boulder, thus cushioning the rock from the boats that followed. My boat slid perfectly, executing a “ski jump” over a flat slab and landing in the road below. Our friend Terry sent his down with precision, just bumping my boat and ending up less than one foot away, securing the the Bocci Boat title for the day.

The rest of the day was spent running the river and surfing every wave we could. Lacey ended up having a couple of awesome surfs where Terry and I booted her out of the wave by running into her. Luckily when Terry sent her out of the wave, it freed up the wave for me to surf. Sorry no pictures, I forgot the camera!

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