Rio Tutuaca/Aros

Rio Tutuaca / Aros and (possibly) Yaqui

September 9-14 or 19, 2017; 65 to 170 miles – Cost-Shared Expedition

Experience a second descent (in inflatable craft) on the lower Rio Tutuaca (we did the first one in the summer of 2014!), then continue on the little known Rios Aros and Yaqui. The Tutuaca is one of the headwater streams in the Yaqui drainage north of the famous Copper Canyon region in Chihuahua, Mexico. Our trip in 2014 was likely the second descent, ever, of the lower Tutuaca! The section of the Tutuaca that flows through the “walls of the giants” is primarily Class II and III, but depending on water levels there is the possibility of one Class IV. When we reach the confluence with the Rio Sirupa, the flow will likely triple, quadruple, or more. This could make for some BIG water, be prepared for rapids up to Class IV. In 2014, the flow reached nearly 20,000 cfs as we boated the upper Rio Aros down to Natora! If people wish a longer trip, we could continue down the lower Aros/Yaqui for an additional 4-5 days.

Trip Highlights:

  • Experience a river that few have ever seen – there have been only two known descents of this section of the Rio Tutuaca.
  • Amazing Scenery – see for yourself the incredibly beautiful “walls of the giants” on the Rio Tutuaca and the impressive canyon carved by Rio Aros.
  • Experience the local culture – The friendly people of El Refugio will likely visit our camp and want photos of themselves on the boats!

Click here for a tentative itinerary and more trip details.

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