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Think you can’t travel internationally with your cataraft? Maybe you THINK you can’t but with one of our “International Travel” packages you CAN. I brought this one down to Ecuador three weeks ago and Lacey Anderson will be bringing another one this week on the plane from LAX. You can […]

International Travel with a Cataraft? You Bet!

Always wanted to travel to exotic places like Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, and other boating locations around the globe with your own boat? Well, now you can. Go Light Outdoors has put together an “International Travel” cataraft package in both standard and deluxe versions that allow you to take a […]

New “International Travel” cataraft package.

The water on the Piatua was quite high today. Most of the kayakers decided not to run and I put in at the lower put-in. It turned out to be a very fun, nearly continuous, Class III+/IV run with one solid Class IV+. And the shuttle out even after being […]

Awesome Day on the Rio Piatua

Joined up with a group of German kayakers the other day for a run on the Upper Misahualli river in Ecuador. So beautiful and great fun. The upper Mis is a creeky style run with nearly continuous action. Most of the rapids on the run are tight class III requiring […]

Super Fun Creeking

Well, I finally made it. Ecuador! Whitewater Boating! I am happily staying at Hostel Zumag Sisa in Tena for the time being.  A nice family run place that is definitely affordable. Tena is a great little city with most everything and outdoor activities abound. But I’m here for the whitewater. […]

Greetings from Ecuador!

Just wrapped up a new cataraft, oar blades, and seat for an upcoming trip to Ecuador. Small enough package for the airlines and under 50 pounds to boot (44 actually) so have room for more river stuff. Next up is my custom Whitewater Machine Works day frame at about 35 […]

Traveling Light